Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tsuyagla Wave

Hey, girls! Now Japan most fashion hair style is mermaid curl. I'm gonna show you how to make mermaid curl more easier and faster! A triple hair curler produced by Kumiko POPTEEN famous model. :D

I bought it at Japan website. I mean people who live in Japan help me to bought it. Big thanks to him! It arrived soooo fast. No need to wait 1 week. That time I was: I can't wait to open it! TADAAA~ This is it!
#1 This is Kumiko.

#2 It makes it easy to a fash'i'onable wave. You can see the box the 'I' is missing. LOL

This is the first time I bought thing form Japan! So excited while I received. HAPPY!

Another reason why many girls love this because it's PINK! SO CUTE! LOL

As you can see it just like open and close. What I'm talking about? LOL. Just press it down wait for 5-10 seconds, it can make your hair wavy. It soooooooooooo easy, right?

Also can control the temperature. Recommend is 160C only. If too high, will be spoil your hair.

So here is the result! :) Not very curl because I just use 140C only. Also testing it!

What I think about this triple hair curler is easy to use and fast. I will rate 4.5/5. :)
Here is the video introduce about Tsuyagla Wave.

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